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Published on Jun 25, 2024

Thank you to all Percussion, Winds, and Color Guard representatives who attended the WGASC Annual Membership Meeting on June 15th. For those of you who were not able to attend, this email will provide you with the results of the various proposals and elections. In the next week or so, we will provide the full minutes of the meeting and caucuses in the resources section of the website.

Alison Yedor who has done an amazing job as president over the last two seasons and as VP of Records before that, decided not to run for a second presidential term. Alison has accepted a new job and we wish her well. Thank you Alison for all you have done for WGASC!

‘24 WGASC Annual Membership Meeting Outcomes

1. Color Guard Rule Proposal Results

  • Passed: The top 2 of each round of JHAAA-HSA and the top 3 of SAAA- SAA must submit a video of that weekend’s performance to the classification committee to use as a tool in our weekly meeting. If a unit does not upload the video through CompSuite, the committee can only use the numbers from the judges that weekend. This would be a similar system to how WGI deals with reclassification. Videos must be submitted by 5 pm on Sunday in order for the committee to use them. Those not in the top 2 or 3, will not be looked at for reclassification.
    • By a vote of: 114 - Yes              10 - No
  • Passed: The term “promoted” will no longer be used. All upward moves will be called “Reclassification”. Most other circuits use this terminology.
    • By a vote of:  124 - Yes             0 - No
  • Passed: Junior High, WGASC A/AA, and Scholastic AA/AAA ensembles must compete in at least three (3) WGASC sanctioned events each year to qualify for Championships. 2 of those 3 must be within the classification period, with an exception on appeal in extenuating circumstances. An ensemble located more than one hundred (100) miles from the four-level intersection of freeways in downtown Los Angeles is required to attend only two (2) WGASC sanctioned events to qualify for Championships. Scholastic A, Independent A, Open, and World Classes must attend at least one (1) WGASC sanctioned event each year to qualify for Championships.
    • By a vote of: 124 - Yes              0  - No
  • Passed: Ratings only will be given for JHSAAA through HSA at Classification shows.
    • By a vote of: 124 - Yes              0 - No
  • Passed: If an ensemble in HSAA-SAAA earns a medal (top 6 in finals for SAA) one year, they must register for the next higher class the next year. On a case-by-case basis, ensembles may request a classification review by the Classification Committee.
    • By a vote of: 124 - Yes              0 - No
  • Passed: The SAAA minimum performance time is 3:30 minutes and the interval time is 7 minutes. This returned SAAA to the 2023 and earlier class structure.
    • By a vote of: 124 - Yes              0 - No 
  • Passed: SAA will consist of one round of 15 ensembles in reverse order of preliminary score.
    • By a vote of: 110 - Yes              4 - No
  • Failed: Scores and comments are taken into account for classification/reclassification.

1. Comments must be suggesting that the skills and performance level being demonstrated may be

exceeding the current classification.

2. Reclassification only:  Scores must be comparable to ensembles in the intended promotion class.

3. Reclassification only:  To promote a group, they must realistically be able to be reasonably

competitive in the new class.

4. Reclassification only:  Ensembles not scoring comparable to the new class will return to the

previous classification.

  • By a vote of: 5 - Yes              104 - No

2. Color Guard Caucus Discussions:

  • Classification criteria and process
  • Championship eligibility for Junior High Schools

3. Percussion/Winds Caucus Rule Proposal Results

  • Passed: Add a Novice and a Standstill Marching Class.
    • By a vote of: 23 - Yes                0 - No
  • Passed: To qualify for Championships, ensembles in Open or World classes must have a minimum score of 70 at a Percussion Signature Show.
    • By a vote of: 23 - Yes                0 - No

4. Percussion/Winds Caucus Discussions:

  • Roles and responsibilities of Percussion/Winds Advisory Committee
  • Show selection process
  • Signature Show and Championships dates
    • Straw poll indicated a preference for Signature Show on April 5 and 6 2025 and the Championships after Easter on April 26, 2025.
  • Definitions of classes

5. Executive Committee Election Results:

President: Gabe Escobedo

VP Records: Jessica Rico

If you have any questions, please reach out to


Executive Committee

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