Our team


Executive Director:
Mike Stone
Events & Marketing Director:
Brian Nunez
Finance Director:
Cody Crawford
Operations Manager:
Carl Nelson
Color Guard Judge Coordinator:
Christine Fisher
Percussion & Winds Judge Coordinator:
Mike Leitzke
Percussion & Winds Coordinator:
Carl Nelson
Education Director:
Shirley Dorritie
Classification Committee Chair:
Joey Valenzuela
Director of Color Guard Instructor Education:
Rosie Queen

Executive Committee

Alison Yedor
Vice President - Records:
Gabe Escobedo
Vice President - Finances:
Debby Gibson
Vice President - Color Guard:
Carla Hernandez

Board of Directors

Contest Directors

Lori Aguirre
Becky Fleishman
Shalena Gonzales
Brian Nunez
Lori Sidell
Bobby Vega
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