Participant Protection Report

Art and resources in a safe community.

WGASC is committed to fostering positive and safe learning, performing, and working environments for all.It is important for all members of our community to know how to address concerns that may be contrary to this commitment.

Concerns of noncompliance should first be brought to the leadership of the organization involved, who are expected to investigate the concerns promptly and address them. Allegations of misconduct or noncompliance with WGASC policy can also be reported directly to WGASC. This includes ethics concerns, as well as alleged violations of the WGASC values, code of conduct, and policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, and retaliation. In addition, the WGASC is available to help an individual connect with the right person of the organization involved to ensure the concern is considered and promptly addressed.

To report an ethics concern or alleged noncompliance, or to seek support from a WGASC staff member in reporting such an issue, please email your concern to or fill out the online form below. For reports submitted with a means of contact, the WGASC will respond within three (3) business days.

Participant Safety
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