The WGASC is a competitive youth organization that puts artistic excellence, personal achievement, and quality experiences within a positive community center stage.
The WGASC helps the pageantry arts community unleash artistic expression and harness potential within the spirit of competition. We offer comprehensive resources and cultivate a positive community so that it empowers individuals in all roles. As a result, we inspire personal fulfillment and aspiration to compete and perform at the highest level of all of life’s stages.

WGASC cultivates a POSITIVE,  safe,
and inclusivecommunity.

The Prime Objectives of the WGASC include:

  • Provide high standards and values in competition.
  • Provide quality adjudication and rules for competition.
  • Provide education to all Participants, Performers, Instructors and Adjudicators.
  • Provide leadership and support services to aid in the growth of the activity.

There are over 400 member units, competing in: 11 Scholastic classes and 3 Independent classes. The circuit sponsors 4-6 shows most weekends and is staffed by: a 5-person Executive board, an 8-person Board of Directors, an Executive Director as well as a complete support staff.

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