Color Guard/Percussion/Winds @ Sierra Vista HS


Event Information

Event date: 
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Address: 8100 W Robindale Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89113

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Ticket Information

General Admission - $12.00

Children pricing - See ticket office

Payment Methods - Cash Only

Ticketing Policy

Tickets purchased for this event are considered general admission. Seating is not guaranteed, and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure they are seated at least 15 minutes prior to a scheduled performance.


Concessions- we will have a couple of food trucks for your students and spectators(or you!) to buy from……Taquizas Rebaño(taco truck), Shaved Ice, and Kona Coffee(specialty drinks, not just coffee).  In addition, we will also be selling Firehouse subs, various snacks, and fun stuff for the kids/families.   Please be prepared for a cash-only event, I am not sure if the food trucks will take cards.
Staff Hospitality - the room is off the quad, across from the cafe 
Performer restrooms - please have your kids utilize the bathrooms in the quad instead of the ones by the gym.  It will help keep congestion down.
Floor Folding - in the aux gym

Other Information

Color Guard Judges

EQ - Denise Adams

MV - Jon Brown

DA - Ed Martinez (Chief Judge)

GE - Steve Abrams

Percussion Judges

Music - Allan Kristensen (Chief Judge)

Effect Music - Steve Abrams

Effect Visual - Jon Brown

Visual - Ed Martinez

Winds Judges

MA - Allan Kristensen (Chief Judge)

OE - Jon Brown

VA - Ed Martinez


Contest Director - Brian Nunez

T & P - Robin Love

Tech - Brian Nunez

Announcer - Matt McComb

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