Color Guard/Percussion/Winds @ Mission Hills HS


Event Information

Event date: 
Location: San Marcos, CA

Event Description

Rain plan:

*Props and floors can be stored in the aux gym prior to a group's performance.

*After a group has performed, they can fold their floor in the aux gym (attached to the main gym), but should then take their floor, props, equipment, etc. to be loaded in the parking lot to make sure there is enough space for other groups.

*Two indoor warm up spaces for color guard will be available for stretching/body warm-up and equipment warm up. The performance space is accessible from the warm up rooms without having to travel outside if necessary.

*There are solar panels in the parking lot which will allow for relatively dry loading and unloading.

*There are several covered hallways on campus that can be used for percussion warm-up zones.

*In the attached image (See Files & Resources) the pink square shows the areas of campus that have covered awnings over the walkways where percussion groups can warm up. The red square is the area of the parking lot where we will reserve rows for trucks so that they can load and unload under the solar panels and away from the spectator parking.

Ticket Information

General Admission - $12.00

Children pricing - See ticket office

Payment Methods - Cash Only

Ticketing Policy

Tickets purchased for this event are considered general admission. Seating is not guaranteed, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure they are seated at least 15 minutes prior to a scheduled performance.

Other Information

Color Guard Judges

  • EQ - Kandace Wiggs
  • MV - Lorraine Kohagen
  • DA - Anthony Riederer
  • GE - Scott Ruiz (Chief Judge)
  • GE/Design Clinician - Mitch Nelson

Percussion Judges

  • Music - Brian Dinkel
  • Effect Music - John Phillips (Chief Judge)
  • Effect Visual - Scott Ruiz
  • Visual - Anthony Riederer


  • Contest Director - Bobby Vega
  • T & P - Jonathan Chang
  • Tech - Lori Sidell
  • Announcer - Thom Willett

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