Color Guard/Percussion/Winds @ Bellflower HS


Event Information

Event date: 
Location: Bellflower, CA
Address: 15301 McNab Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706

Event Description

Ticket Information

General Admission - $12.00

Children pricing - See ticket office

Payment Methods - Cash Only

Ticketing Policy

Tickets purchased for this event are considered general admission. Seating is not guaranteed, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure they are seated at least 15 minutes prior to a scheduled performance.

Other Information

Color Guard Judges

EQ - Denise Johnson

MV - Nancy Penman

DA - Greg Llacer

GE - Chris Frick

GE/Design Clinician - Amy Mack (Chief Judge)

Percussion Judges

Music - Dan Bryan (Chief Judge)

Effect Music - Chuck Stephen

Effect Visual - Chris Frick

Visual - Amy Mack

Winds Judges

MA - Dan Bryan (Chief Judge)

OE - Chuck Stephen

VA - Amy Mack


Contest Director - Shalena Gonzales

T & P - Roger Brooks

Tech - Lori Sidell

Announcer - Chris Brady


In coordination with our dedicated Contest Partners, WGASC will implement a rain plan for this contest. While we try to make minimal changes to the details of this contest as previously posted, some changes have been made to create the most positive experience for all participants. Rain is expected consistently throughout the day. Please prepare as much as possible and consider the following:

  • Have towels/rags available to dry equipment, floors, props, etc. WGASC will have a very limited inventory on hand for the purpose of keeping the performance floor dry.
  • Have tarp coverings and other items that can be used to cover your equipment, floors and props while outside
  • Prepare/warm-up as much as possible prior to arriving on-site as covered space is limited or guaranteed

Please review all information provided as you prepare for the day.


Indoor warm-up will be provided. Please see the warm-up schedule posted on this page. It is highly recommended that ensembles prepare as much as possible prior to arriving on-site as covered areas are limited and not guaranteed.


Please see attached file

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