Debut & Classification Show @ Mission Vista HS


Event Information

Event date: 
Location: Oceanside, CA
Address: Mission Vista HS 1306 Melrose Dr., Oceanside, CA 92057

Event Description

Color Guard Debut SAAA - IW scores and commentary

Color Guard Classification JHAAA - HSA Commentary and Placement only

Percussion and Winds scores and commentary

Ticket Information

General Admission - $12.00

Children pricing - see ticket office

Payment Methods - Cash Only

Ticketing Policy

Tickets purchased for this event are considered general admission. Seating is not guaranteed, and is available on a first come, first serve basis. It is the patron's responsibility to ensure they are seated at least 15 minutes prior to a scheduled performance.

Other Information

Color Guard Judges

EQ - Jeff Capponi

MV - Jackie Gilley

DA - Don Gallaher (Chief Judge)

GE - Kendall LeJeune

GE/Design Clinician - Ken Giese

Percussion Judges

Music - Jackie Gilley

Effect Music - Kendall LeJeune

Effect Visual - Don Gallaher

Visual - Ken Giese (Chief Judge)

Winds Judges

MA - Jackie Gilley

OE - Kendall LeJeune

VA - Ken Giese (Chief Judge)


Contest Director - Shalena Gonzales

T & P - Jonathan Chang

Tech - Shalena Gonzales

Announcer - Robert Macfadden

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