Bylaws 14-day Review for Membership

Published on May 31, 2024

In advance of the spring circuit meeting on June 15, 2024, I am writing to provide the draft of the latest iteration of Bylaws of the Corporation, which include the following revisions:

  • Opens up language about types of Performance Ensembles that could be members in the future
  • Consistently refers to members as "Performing Ensemble members" throughout the document
  • Defines a "Caucus" and clarifies voting rights for pertinent Directors/Officers and submitted proposals
  • Changes title of "Vice President of Percussion" to "Vice President of Percussion and Winds"
  • Adds references to current Board of Directors and their terms
  • Other minor grammatical and semantic adjustments that do not impact intent, meaning, or practice

View Bylaws HERE

This latest version of the Bylaws will be ratified by the Board of Directors for the June 15, 2024 meeting.  If you have any questions, please send them via, under the Subject heading "Membership." 

Yours truly,

Greg Llacer

WGASC Board of Directors

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