2020 Championship Special Requests

Please refer to the schedules listed below before completing your request. Forms filled out incorrectly will be deleted.

WGASC Championship Class Competition Timelines (2)

2020 Bren Day 1

2020 Bren Day 2

2020 HSAA&SAAA Champs

2020 HSA SAAA SAA champs

2020 HSAA&SAAA Champs

2020 SAAA & SA Champs

2020 SAAA HSA Champs

The staff at WGASC will make every effort to accommodate schedule requests.  Requests are limited to 2 per instructor.  Each form has space to list 2 unit requests.  Duplicate forms will be deleted.

The “Bussing” box is used to list your units that share bussing.  PLEASE DO NOT LIST ADDITIONAL REQUESTS IN THE BOX. Forms with additional requests will be deleted.

Special request forms will be accepted through March 26th, 2020.