WGASC Spectator’s Guide

Remember to check the website before a show for times and policies specific to that site. There is some variation through the season on policies effecting spectators.

Show your appreciation through applause and cheers for performances you enjoy.

Remain seated while a performance is underway. Enter and exit the gym only during the breaks between performances.

If you wish to take still photographs, be sure that the flash is turned off. Spinning flags, rifles, and sabres can be dangerous objects and require total concentration. A camera’s flash may distract a performer, resulting in injury to themselves or others. Professional cameras with lenses over 6 inches, along with tri-pods, are not allowed in events. You may not sell photographs taken at WGASC events without a per event vendor contract with the WGASC.

Copyright music licenses restrict any type of spectator video recording of any color guard, percussion, or winds performance. We set a positive example for our student performers by respecting the rights of the music composers through compliance with US Copyright Laws. Recording a performance, even by cell phone video, may result in the loss of a unit’s music performance permissions, effectively ending the season they have worked hard to perform.

No video recording is allowed, in any format.

You must have a wristband on to enter the gym. The WGASC does not offer refunds due to missed performances. Please plan for plenty of time to find the event location, park, navigate your way to the ticket booth, purchase your tickets, and find a seat in the gym.

If you are attending a show as a chaperone, be sure to communicate with your director to find out if passes will be purchased for you, or if you will be expected to purchase your own. Those receiving chaperone/staff passes at check in will be required to sit on the performer side of the gym (typically the back side in most venues). If you would like to sit on the front side, you must purchase a regular price ticket.

Above all, be supportive of all performers! Remember that good sportsmanship and community is the foundation of our circuit- enjoy the show!