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Coachella Valley Mighty Arabs

Division: WGASC HS A

School:Coachella Valley HS
City, State:Thermal, CA
Director:Daniel Granillo
Staff:Mellissa Ballard/GuardDirector

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2018 Show Information

Show Title:Uninvited by Coachella Valley High School
Description:Uninvited is a performance that showcases what a dark episode in someone's life could be like. From fighting a battle against yourself to fighting outer demons. Uninvited illustrates the constant struggle to break free from the darkness and negativity. But then your struck with the realization, that there's a way out of the darkness. We began to understand that we are bigger than our fears, our self doubt and our negativity. We shed our darkness and become a beacon of light; the up after the down! Uninvited showcases the hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how deep or dark you can find your way.

2018 Scheduled Performances

Feb 3 Jurupa Valley Classification Show Jurupa Valley HS
Mar 18 Palm Desert Palm Desert HS 67.80 - 2nd
Mar 24 Riverside King Riverside King HS 65.13 - 7th
Mar 30 Ramona Riverside Ramona HS Riverside 67.88 - 5th
Apr 6 Patriot Patriot HS
Apr 21 WGASC Championships JH/JHO/HSA Huntington Beach High School 71.00 - 8th