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Stockdale HS

Division: Scholastic World

School:Stockdale HS
City, State:Bakersfield, CA
Director:David Michael
Staff:Lauren Michael/Staff, Mario Ramirez/Staff, David Michael/GuardDirector

2018 Show Information

Show Title:An Unshackled Mind
Description:In life, we often limit our full potential of living by allowing ourselves to become “shackled” by our own self-doubt, fear and perceived limitations. We can be boxed in completely or breakout only occasionally to experience limited or fleeting successes. Often we find ourselves returning to a lifestyle of “status quo” or a “less than existence”. The reality is that WE are in control essentially, of how we let various factors guide, shape and even restrict our destiny. We can decide to be proactive and not reactive. We can break free of those thoughts that occupy our mind and limit us from experiencing our full potential. Our 2018 production depicts the struggle of breaking free from those things that restrict us or close us off completely. The use of “barricades” and “bands” and even the people around us, creates an aesthetic metaphor that takes the audience through the struggle of overcoming and conquering the thoughts that prevent us from experiencing a full life. Our minds are a powerful tool. We have the choice to experience life with “An Unshackled Mind”.

2018 Scheduled Performances

Feb 10 Woodbridge Classification Show Woodbridge HS
Mar 11 Ramona Riverside Ramona HS Riverside 77.10 - 1st
Apr 22 WGASC Championships UCI Bren Events Center 83.65 - 2nd