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South Hills HS

Division: Scholastic A

School:South Hills HS
City, State:West Covina, CA
Director:Mike Wooten
Staff:Edgard Areas/GuardDirector, Andrew Arce/Staff, Miguel Vela/Staff

2020 Show Information

Show Title:Two Lovers and the Space Between
Description:For all of its vast emptiness and chaotic nervous energy, the universe, the cloth from which we are cut, relentlessly ushers us into each other like the tide into the shore. Alone we drift; the stuff of stars in our souls. And in all of our crashing, searching, wandering, the only thing we have found to make the emptiness bearable, is each other. What then are the odds of finding your soulmate in this ocean of stars? Impossible you say?

2020 Scheduled Performances

Feb 15 WGASC Kick-Off@ HBHS HS- SCHAAA-World Only Huntington Beach HS 57.21 - 6th
Feb 29 WGASC Signature Show North Monrovia HS
Mar 14 Arcadia HS Arcadia HS
Mar 27 Nogales HS Nogales HS
Mar 28 Chaparral HS Chaparral HS
Apr 18 WGASC Championships TBA