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Montclair HS

Division: Scholastic A

School:Montclair HS
City, State:Montclair, CA
Director:James Ana
Staff:Mariela Hernandez/Staff, Dylan Martin/GuardDirector, James Ana/Director

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2020 Show Information

Show Title:24 times on Wednesday
Description:When you have obsessive compulsive disorder, you don’t really get quiet moments. But when he saw her , all the ticks and constantly refreshing images just disappeared. She made him feel like he wasn’t broken, like even though he had mental illnesses , he was still lovable....until he wasn’t. Most people don’t understand or can’t comprehend the pain of having a mental illness, let alone being in a relationship with someone who has one...or many. So many people are alienated by their friends and family simply because they can’t deal with or don’t want to deal with their mental health. So then they’re left alone with just the voices in their head, And sometimes there is no happy ending......

2020 Scheduled Performances

Feb 1 Woodbridge HS- Classification Show Woodbridge HS
Mar 6 Palm Desert HS- WGASC/ADLA Event Palm Desert HS 75.88 - 1st
Mar 21 Rancho Cucamonga HS Rancho Cucamonga HS
Mar 27 Chino Hills HS Chino Hills HS
Apr 10 Murrieta Mesa HS Hosted by Vista Murrieta Murrieta Mesa HS
Apr 11 Fountain Valley HS Fountain Valley HS
Apr 18 WGASC Championships TBA
Apr 19 WGASC Sunday Championships UCI Bren Center