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Ramona HS-Classification Show

Date: Feb 02, 2019

Venue:Ramona HS
Address:7675 Magnolia Ave
City, State Zip:Riverside, CA 92504
Last Registration:Jan 11, 2019


This contest offers DESIGN CLINICS for all WGASC Classes immediately following your round. See WGASC Contest for more information.


Event Schedule

Ensemble Door Perform Time
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - James Jordan Middle School 9:50am 10:00am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - March Middle School 9:57am 10:07am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Miller MS 10:04am 10:14am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Chemawa Middle School 10:11am 10:21am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Earhart MS 10:18am 10:28am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Sierra Middle School 10:25am 10:35am  
-- Break - 7 mins --   10:42am  
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - Pioneer Junior High 10:39am 10:49am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Santiago High School JV Black 10:46am 10:56am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Moreno Valley High School 10:53am 11:03am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - AB Miller High School Winterguard 11:00am 11:10am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - La Sierra Winter Guard 11:07am 11:17am  
-- Break - 7 mins --   11:24am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Orange Vista High School Coyote Pride 11:21am 11:31am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Centennial High School JV 11:28am 11:38am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Santiago HS JV Teal 11:35am 11:45am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Grand Terrace HS JV 11:42am 11:52am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Ontario HS 11:49am 11:59am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Corona High School 11:56am 12:06pm  
-- Lunch Break - 30 mins --   12:13pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Summit HS Winter Guard 12:33pm 12:43pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Norco HS 12:40pm 12:50pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Ramona HS (Riverside) 12:47pm 12:57pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Arlington HS 12:54pm 1:04pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Grand Terrace HS 1:01pm 1:11pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Santiago HS Varsity (Corona) 1:08pm 1:18pm  
-- End of Contest - No Awards Ceremony --   1:25pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 5:26:09 pm PST

Judges Assigned

Indiv Movmt Lorraine Kohagen
Design Analysis Missy Samson
Design Clinician Mindy Cobb
Penalties Becky Fleishman
Chief Judge Missy Samson
Announcer Thom Willett
Tech Becky Fleishman
Contest Dir Becky Fleishman