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WGASC Championships

Date: Apr 22, 2018

Venue:UCI Bren Events Center
Address:100 Mesa Rd
City, State Zip:Irvine, CA 92697
Last Registration:Apr 01, 2018
Admission Info:$26


Per Event Facility Policy – NO BALLOONS will be allowed in the Bren Center

UCI Parking $10

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Event Schedule

Ensemble Perform Time
SAA:Scholastic AA - Kennedy HS (La Palma) 9:00am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - El Toro HS Varsity 9:08am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - La Canada HS 9:16am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - South Hills HS 9:24am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Savanna HS 9:32am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Glendora High School Winter Guard 9:40am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - El Segundo HS 9:48am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Great Oak High School Varsity 9:56am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Vista Murrieta High School JV 10:04am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - University City HS Winter Guard 10:12am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Rancho Bernardo Varsity 10:20am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Fallbrook HS 10:28am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Sultana HS 10:36am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - San Pedro HS 10:44am  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Bonita Vista 10:52am  
JHO:Junior High Open - Gage Middle School 11:00am  
JHO:Junior High Open - Alvarado Intermediate 11:07am  
JHO:Junior High Open - McElhinney MS 11:14am  
JHO:Junior High Open - Palm Desert Charter MS Varsity 11:21am  
SA:Scholastic A - Bellflower HS Varsity 11:28am  
SA:Scholastic A - Woodbridge Winterguard Varsity 11:36am  
SA:Scholastic A - Verdugo Hills HS 11:44am  
SA:Scholastic A - Sunny Hills HS #1 11:52am  
SA:Scholastic A - Mayfair HS #1 12:00pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Gahr High School 12:08pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Valencia HS 12:16pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Paramount High School 12:24pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Downey HS 12:32pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Nogales HS Varsity 12:40pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Hart HS 12:48pm  
SA:Scholastic A - El Camino Real HS #1 12:56pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Palm Desert HS 1:04pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Rancho Cucamonga HS 1:12pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Vista Murrieta High School Varsity 1:20pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Rubidoux All-Male 1:28pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Birmingham Charter High School 1:35pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Scripps Ranch HS 1:42pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - West Hills HS Color Guard 1:49pm  
-- Break - 16 mins -- 1:56pm  
IA:Indp A - Icon Winter Guard 2:12pm  
IA:Indp A - Emerald Winterguard 2:20pm  
IA:Indp A - Opal 2:28pm  
IA:Indp A - Infinity Winter Guard 2:36pm  
-- Break - 8 mins -- 2:44pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - Sierra Vista HS (LV) A Guard 2:52pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - Upland High School Varsity 3:01pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - Chino High School Varsity 3:10pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - Rowland HS 3:19pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - Valencia HS-OC 3:28pm  
SO:Scholastic Open - El Dorado HS 3:37pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Rancho Cucamonga HS JV 3:46pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Vista Murrieta High School Frosh/Soph 3:53pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Glendale High School Winter Guard 4:00pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Eleanor Roosevelt HS #1 4:07pm  
IO:Indp Open - San Diego State University Aztec Winter ... 4:14pm  
IO:Indp Open - (702) Independent Guard 4:23pm  
IO:Indp Open - Vox Artium 4:32pm  
IO:Indp Open - Alchemy Independent 4:41pm  
-- Break - 5 mins -- 4:50pm  
SW:Scholastic World - Arcadia HS World Guard 4:55pm  
SW:Scholastic World - Ayala HS World 5:05pm  
SW:Scholastic World - Stockdale HS 5:15pm  
IW:Indp World - Diamante 5:25pm  
-- Break - 30 mins -- 5:35pm  
-- Awards - Full Guard Retreat - 45 mins -- 6:05pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Apr 21, 2018 11:02:53 pm PDT

Judges Assigned

Indiv Equip Gregory Llacer
Indiv Equip Amy Mack
Indiv Equip 2 Jennifer Oswald
Indiv Equip 2 Robert Solomon
Indiv Movmt Christine Clayton
Indiv Movmt Charles Brown
Indiv Movmt 2 Robert Hahn
Indiv Movmt 2 Hieu Nguyen
Design Analysis George Oliviero
Design Analysis William Chumley
Design Analysis 2 Missy Samson
Design Analysis 2 Scott Pizani
GE 1 Jonette Dangerfield
GE 1 Mike Anderson
GE 2 Lee Carlson
GE 3 Adam Sage
GE 4 Mike Stone
GE 2 James Goodrich
GE 3 Kyle Miller
GE 4 Adam Sage
Penalties Jonathan Chang
Chief Judge Mike Stone
Chief Judge Shirley Dorritie
Tech Shalena Gonzales
Announcer Richard Kramer
Announcer Christine Brady
Announcer Bobby Vega
Contest Dir Brian Nunez