Return of the Jedi

Event: Las Vegas Invitational (Prelims/Finals)

Marble The Centennial Sound Marching Band 69.9750000
Marble Desert Pines High School Jaguar Marching Band 65.1625000
Marble Boulder City High School Marching Band 61.1125000
Marble Virgin Valley High School 59.8625000
Marble Pine View High School Marching Band 56.6375000
Black Opal Valencia High School 80.6250000
Black Opal Bonanza High School Marching Band 66.0375000
Black Opal Spring Valley Grizzly Regiment 64.3625000
Onyx West Ranch High School Wildcat Marching Band 79.7750000
Onyx Ed W. Clark HS Charger Marching Band 73.7500000
Onyx Durango High School Blazer Brigade 70.6250000
Onyx Bozeman High School Marching Band 69.1125000
Onyx Shadow Ridge High School Marching Band 64.3250000
Onyx Las Vegas High School Wildcat Marching Band 62.4750000
Sapphire Etiwanda High School Marching Eagle Regiment 84.9375000
Sapphire Foothill HS Marching Band 84.5875000
Sapphire Green Valley High School Band 82.2500000
Sapphire Rowland Raider Regiment 78.7625000
Sapphire Arbor View Aggie Marching Band 77.9750000
Sapphire Mayfair High School Monsoon Marching Corps 75.6125000
Sapphire Basic Academy Wolfpack Regiment 71.3250000
Sapphire Silverado High School Marching Band 69.0375000
Sapphire Palo Verde Panther Pride Marching Band 67.5000000
Sapphire Chaparral HS Marching Band (Las Vegas) 62.6250000
Exhibition Legacy High School Marching Band 0.0000000