Registering My Guard

Step One – Site Login
Before a unit may register for Events, the Director must have a login credential (username / password) on this site.  If your unit is listed on our Member Roster, you have an account – so please contact us via email for your username, if you do not have it available. If your unit is not listed on the member roster, please fill out the Registration Form.
Forgotten passwords may be reset by using the Lost Password page and entering your assigned username OR the Email address that you used for registration.

Log into the site using the “Staff/Member Login” link at the very bottom left of the page.

NOTE: You will be required to change your password on your very first login. Once it has been changed, you will be directed to the site’s front page after login.

Step Two – Initial Season Registration
Once you’ve successfully logged-in to the site, you will see that your menu bar (black bar across top) now includes a “Directors” item.  Under “Directors”, you will find “Director Profile” – which is where you will make your initial Registration selections.

The Event Schedule will provide the Events that are available for Registration.  For WGASC, the Evaluation Show(s) and Championships are shown – as well as WGASC Membership, which is required to select all other Events.  Make your selections and complete the process.

On completion of the initial season registration, you will be directed to the Payments page – where you can submit payment for your registration.  Payment for Membership is required to make any further Event selections.  If you’d like to leave and return to the site to complete payment at a later time, you may do so.  Simply return to the site, login, and select the Payments item from the Members Menu.


The video below provides additional information on how to complete registration for your Winter Guard.