MBOS Scores

MBOS Championships
Nov 16, 2019


Ensemble Score Place Rating
Pinecrest Academy Cadence Band 76.05 1 Superior
Durango High School Blazer Brigade 74.95 2 Excellent
Boulder City High School Marching Band 71.60 3 Excellent
Virgin Valley High School 68.95 4 Excellent
Western High School 67.30 5 Excellent
Sunrise Mountain High School Marching Band 65.55 6 Excellent
Pahrump Valley High School Golden Legion Marching 64.80 7 Excellent
High Caption Awards
EffectPinecrest Academy Cadence Band
VisualPinecrest Academy Cadence Band
MusicPinecrest Academy Cadence Band

Black Opal

Ensemble Score Place Rating
Desert Pines HS Jaguar Marching Band 76.25 1 Superior
Basic Academy Wolfpack Regiment 75.90 2 Superior
Bonanza High School Marching Band 65.90 3 Excellent
High Caption Awards
EffectDesert Pines HS Jaguar Marching Band
VisualBasic Academy Wolfpack Regiment
MusicBasic Academy Wolfpack Regiment


Ensemble Score Place Rating
Silverado High School Marching Band 82.60 1 Superior
Sound of Liberty Marching Band 81.50 2 Superior
Damonte Ranch High School Marching Band 80.65 3 Superior
High Caption Awards
EffectSilverado High School Marching Band
VisualSilverado High School Marching Band
MusicSound of Liberty Marching Band


Ensemble Score Place Rating
Foothill HS Marching Band 86.80 1 Superior
Arbor View Aggie Marching Band 86.05 2 Superior
Desert Oasis High School Marching Band 74.10 3 Excellent
High Caption Awards
EffectArbor View Aggie Marching Band
VisualFoothill HS Marching Band
MusicFoothill HS Marching Band