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Faith Lutheran High School

Division: Black Opal

School:Faith Lutheran HS
City, State:Las Vegas, NV
Director:Daniel Zeigner
Staff:Daniel Zeigner/Director, Kirk Rustman/Staff, Amanda Ford/GuardDirector

2018 Show Information

Show Title:Pandora Reopened
Description:Take a journey through the time of Pandora as she grapples with the responsibility of holding the box of evils. She starts out with pensiveness, then joy to be alive, then she makes the decision to open the box and all of the evils of the world come out. Pandora wrestles with her decision as she tries to get the evils back in, but realizes it's to late. War breaks out and eventually some peace takes over the land. Much like the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Pandora must live with her mistakes.

2018 Scheduled Performances

DateEventLocationScore-Place Rating
Oct 13 Showdown at Silverado Silverado HS (NV) 55.40 - 7th Good