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Arbor View Aggie Marching Band

Division: Finals

School:Arbor View High School
City, State:Las Vegas, NV
Director:Paul Beuning
Staff:Justin Cloud/Staff, Tracy Jones/GuardDirector, Liana Ham/GuardDirector, Michael Weber/Staff, Patience Randall/Staff, Jason Vazquez/Staff, Miguel Gonzaelz/Staff, Carl Baker/Director

2017 Show Information

Show Title:All The Queen's Roses
Description:All of the Queen's Roses is a prequel to Alice and Wonderland featuring music from Ghostbusters, The Fourth Cataclysm, Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts, Maleficent, Battle of the Moors, and original compositions by John Meehan. The show has three movements and they are titled, "Roses of White", "Overtaking", and "Off With Their Heads".

2017 Scheduled Performances

DateEventLocationScore-Place Rating
Oct 7 Henderson Bandfest Basic HS (NV) 73.85 - 3rd
Oct 21 Tournament on the Turf Ed W. Clark HS (NV) 80.90 - 3rd
Nov 11 MBOS Championships Finals Sierra Vista High School 84.90 - 3rd Superior
Nov 11 MBOS Championships Sierra Vista HS (NV) 84.50 - 2nd Superior