Color Guard Championship Schedule Requests

Published on Apr 01, 2024

We will host four sites on Saturday, April 20th in Orange County. Each site will host multiple rounds of multiple classes. The approximate schedule breakdown for the sites is as follows:

Marina HS – SAAA Prelims (2 rounds), SAA Prelims (all rounds), HSAA or HSA

Pacifica HS – SAAA Prelims (2 rounds), SA Prelims (all rounds), SAAA Finals (all rounds)

Portola HS – SAAA Prelims (2 rounds), HSAA, HSA

Huntington Beach HS - SAAA Prelims (2 rounds), Junior High (all classes/rounds), HSAA, HSA, IRA

Please use the link to submit your requests.

2024 WGASC Color Guard Championship Schedule Requests

The deadline is 11:59 PM on April 5th.

Thank you!

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