Directed by the E-Committee, WGASC created a course that will walk Directors/Support Staff through important information and coming changes.  Prior to a units first check-in, unit representatives will need to complete the following Education Course:  WGASC DIRECTOR/STAFF TRAINING.  You can find the course here.

This course is designed to help the Instructor/Director navigate the WGASC website, explain music licensing requirements and introduce the new check-in/safety procedures for the upcoming 2020 season.  Any persons checking in a unit in will need to complete this course and be prepared to present the Certificate of Completion during check-in at all WGASC events. This includes staff members, parents and school administration/staff.  Students are not allowed to check-in Scholastic Units. The designated “check-in” person will also need to  present emergency cards for each team member/student of the unit being checked in.  These cards can be hard copy or digital file.  Independent Unit staff will need to present the Certificate of Completion and emergency cards for any members under the age of 18.

WGASC believes strongly in the safety of all its performing units. With that safely in mind, these new requirements were developed and are now being implemented. Please contact Rhonda with any questions you may have regarding the Education Course,  Check-In Requirements and Music Licensing. 

Thank you for being an amazing contribution to our wonderful activity! #WGASC2020

Director/Staff Training Course




If you are looking for an exciting event to bring your unit, we have one planned just for you!  Calling all Colorguards, Drumlines, Small Ensembles and Soloists- Now is the time to plan for the event of the year….HAWAII 2020!!

There will be an online informational meeting on October 22nd at 6:30pm.  Please fill out the form below to be attend this informational webinar.  You can click here to read about the event, tour packages, meet the judges and see a breakdown of the tour schedule.

Contact bnunez@wgasc.org for more information.

Hawaii Interest Form 2020

    Please check all that apply

Special Announcement!!! WGASC & ADLA MERGE!

After more than 30 years of WGASC and ADLA producing educational focused events and competitions, we are pleased to announce the joining of these two organizations. For the past decade, ADLA and WGASC have been strategic partners in technology, events and organizational resources. The benefits of the merger will allow an already solid relationship to look to the future and provide even greater opportunities, resources, and coordination of the indoor marching arts in Southern California.
We look forward to combining resources that will allow directors, students and fans the opportunity to have greater exposure, greater experiences, and the best educational opportunities in the region.
“With similar organizational missions, there is already a strong synergy between WGASC & ADLA. I am excited for the future, where working together through shared resources, we can have a more profound and lasting impact in providing education & performance opportunities to the youth involved in both our competitive arts communities.” Melissa Samson, President WGASC.
David Henkel, President of ADLA shared that “We are excited about the merger of our two great organizations into an even greater single organization.  By merging, ADLA and WGASC we can leverage the strengths of both organizations, improve on operational efficiencies, and provide access to performance opportunities and events in more areas throughout the Western United States. It just makes sense for so many reasons.”
We are looking forward to forging the future as one!

EDUCATION Clinic Registration is OPEN!!

Join us for the 2020 WGASC Education Clinic. This years clinic will offer hands classes and conversations for BOTH instructors and performers. We are excited to announce that this years KEYNOTE CLINICIANS will be Rosie Miller Queen and Michael James. Don’t miss out on this exciting day of collaboration and community. Location and schedule information will be available soon.  12/14/19

If you are a Director or staff member, register using this form:

Students should register using this form:

Students will need to bring the following form with them at check-in.  NO EXCEPTIONS!





WGASC Registration Opens Tomorrow!

It’s that time of year!  WGASC Registration opens tomorrow at 10am.  Please remember that you will need to fill out all required registration information before payment can be applied.  This includes units that are sending a check into the office.

It is recommended you use a laptop/desktop to register vs a cellular device.  When registering, there are permission boxes that need to be agreed to before the registration will be successful. These boxes are may not be easily accessible on a cellular device.

Registration is NOT show selection.  Show selection can only happen after payment has been applied.

You can find Registration Information in the Show Selection/Registration tab in your Directors Profile..  You will need to be logged in to see this information.  Please contact rchoat@wgasc.org with questions.

Meet the WGASC EVALUATION SHOW Clinicians!

WGASC is proud to announce that Rosie Miller Queen and Andy Toth will be the 2 clinicians at the WGASC Evaluation Show on January 25th, 2020.  Rosie and Andy bring with them years of experience from teaching the top units in the Colorguard Activity.  Spots are limited for the Evaluation Show so please plan to register early to take advantage of the remarkable opportunity!

Please click on the pictures below to read the Bio’s of our guest clinicians.