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Premier and Classification Show

February 3

Admission Info: 11.00

Show Notes

This show is combined events featuring a Classification show for the JHAAA- HSA classes followed by a Premier show for the SAAA-World Classes.



Ensemble Perform Time
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Ross Middle School 10:00am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Bellflower Middle School JV 10:07am  
JH AAA:WGASC JH AAA - Alvarado Intermediate 10:14am  
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - Bernardo Yorba MS 10:21am  
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - McElhinney MS 10:28am  
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - Travis Ranch MS 10:35am  
JH A:WGASC JH A - Bellflower Middle School Varsity 10:42am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Palisades Charter High School 10:49am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Garfield High School Colorguard 10:56am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Herbert Hoover Winter Guard 11:03am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - La Serna High School #2 11:10am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Fullerton Union High School 11:17am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Lakewood High School 11:24am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - St. John Bosco HS 11:31am  
-- Break - 7 mins -- 11:38am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Pasadena HS Color Guard 11:45am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Palos Verde High School Color Guard 11:52am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Sunny Hills HS #2 11:59am  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Duarte HS 12:06pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Sonora Winterguard 12:13pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Santa Fe HS #2 12:20pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Western HS 12:27pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Mayfair HS #3 12:34pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Torrance HS Winterguard 12:41pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Grover Cleveland Charter High School 12:48pm  
HS AA:WGASC HS AA - Anaheim HS 12:55pm  
-- Lunch Break - 30 mins -- 1:02pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Pacifica HS 1:32pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Monrovia HS 1:39pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Golden Valley HS 1:46pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - La Serna High School 1:53pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Mira Costa High School 2:00pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Irvine HS 2:07pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Ramona HS (Riverside) 2:14pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Santa Fe HS #1 2:21pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Glendale High School Winter Guard 2:28pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - California HS 2:35pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Valencia High School JV 2:42pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Camarillo HS 2:49pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Redondo Union High School 2:56pm  
-- Break - 7 mins -- 3:03pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Royal HS 3:10pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Bellflower High School JV 3:17pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Mayfair HS #2 3:24pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Indio High School 3:31pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Los Alamitos HS 3:38pm  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Santa Ana HS 3:45pm  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Highland HS 3:53pm  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Los Osos HS #1 4:01pm  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Valencia HS 4:09pm  
-- Break - 7 mins -- 4:17pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Bellflower HS Varsity 4:24pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Charter Oak 4:32pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Mayfair HS #1 4:40pm  
IA:Indp A - Opal 4:48pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018 12:01:16 pm PST

Judges Assigned

Indiv Equip Denise Johnson
Indiv Movmt Leticia Alcuran
Design Analysis Ron Comfort
GE 1 Jonette Dangerfield
GE 2 Scott Bilbruck
Penalties Jonathan Chang
Chief Judge Jonette Dangerfield
Announcer Bobby Vega
Contest Dir Shalena Gonzales
Overview Clinician Peggy Bilbruck


February 3
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Bellflower HS
15301 McNab Ave
Bellflower, CA 90706