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Arbor View HS

February 29

Admission Info: $12

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Ensemble Door Perform Time
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - Faiss Middle School Colorguard 9:50am 10:00am  
JH AA:WGASC JH AA - Greenspun Junior High School Winter ... 9:57am 10:07am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 1 - Palo Verde Panther Pride Winter Guard 10:04am 10:14am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 1 - Boulder City HS Winterguard 10:11am 10:21am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 1 - Bonanza HS Winterguard 10:18am 10:28am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 1 - Clark High School JV 10:25am 10:35am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 1 - Spring Valley High School 10:32am 10:42am  
-- Break - 7 mins --   10:49am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 2 - Valley High School 10:46am 10:56am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 2 - Mojave HS Winterguard 10:53am 11:03am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 2 - Arbor View High School JV Winter Guard 11:00am 11:10am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 2 - Centennial High School 11:07am 11:17am  
HS AA:HSAA- ROUND 2 - Durango High School Winter Guard 11:14am 11:24am  
Exh:Exhibition - Legacy HS Winter Guard (NV) 11:21am 11:31am  
-- Break - 7 mins --   11:38am  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Green Valley HS 11:35am 11:45am  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Basic Academy Winterguard 11:42am 11:52am  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Desert Pines HS Winter Guard 11:49am 11:59am  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Western High School Winterguard(LV) 11:56am 12:06pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Sierra Vista HS (LV) B Guard 12:03pm 12:13pm  
HS A:WGASC HS A - Cimarron Spartan Guard 12:10pm 12:20pm  
-- Lunch - 45 mins --   12:27pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Colors of Liberty JV 1:02pm 1:12pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Pinecrest Academy Cadence Winterguard 1:09pm 1:19pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Desert Oasis High School Winter Guard 1:16pm 1:26pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Grand Terrace HS 1:23pm 1:33pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Silverado HS JV- NV 1:30pm 1:40pm  
SAAA:Scholastic AAA - Clark HS Winter Guard 1:37pm 1:47pm  
SAA:Scholastic AA - Arbor View High School Winter Guard 1:44pm 1:54pm  
-- Break - 7 mins --   2:02pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Colors of Liberty Varsity 1:59pm 2:09pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Sierra Vista HS (LV) A Guard 2:07pm 2:17pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Coronado Winter Guard 2:15pm 2:25pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Silverado HS Winterguard 2:23pm 2:33pm  
SA:Scholastic A - Foothill HS Varsity (NV) 2:31pm 2:41pm  
-- Break - 15 mins --   2:49pm  
-- Awards - 30 mins --   3:04pm  

Schedule Last Updated: Feb 11, 2020 6:31:19 am PST

Judges Assigned

Indiv Equip Denise Adams
Indiv Movmt Jackie Gilley
Design Analysis Don Gallaher
GE 1 Laura Baker
GE 2 Christopher Frick
Design Clinician Christopher Frick
Penalties Robin Love
Chief Judge Don Gallaher
Tech Ben Franke
Announcer Amanda Hallam
Contest Dir Ben Franke


February 29
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