The 2018 WGI Rulebook is now available.



November 7, 2017 2017-2018

November 13, 2017 2017-2018


The Director/Student Academy is just around the corner.  We have a fun flyer for you to download and post or hand out to your students.  There are exciting and educational sessions for you and your students including presentations from members of Diamante and Vox Winterguard.  Students can also look forward to a WGASC photo booth and giveaways throughout the day.  Don’t wait!  Sign up today!


Workshop Registration Form 2017

2017 Instructor/Director and Student Academy
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  • Director/Instructor Workshop and Student Leadership Academy.
  • 5 minute clinic. Only 12 spots available per clinician. When the spots are filled the clinician event will be closed.
  • By signing the form below you acknowledge that: A release of liability and waiver of the right to sue if any loss results from participation in the activity. An express assumption of risk where the participant acknowledges understanding the nature of the activity and the risks involved, and chooses voluntarily to accept those risks. A hold harmless agreement where the participant agrees not to hold the District responsible for any loss that may result from participation in the activity. An indemnification where the participant agrees to pay the District for any losses it may suffer as a result of the participant’s participation in the activity. A medical consent in which the participant agrees to be responsible for his/her own medical expenses that may result.
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2018 Judging Panels

Judging assignments for the 2018 season.  The grid is a preliminary draft and changes may occur.

2018 WGASC Assignments

Welcome New Staff

WGASC is pleased to announce Becky Fleishman will be joining the WGASC staff as the new Marketing Coordinator.  Becky brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and we look forward to having her on staff.

Welcome aboard Becky!!


Directors/Instructors, please take a look at the updated 2018 contest rulebook.

2018 WGASC Contest Rules