35th Anniversary Special Awards

Published on Mar 02, 2023

Click here to submit nominations to honor and recognize the following individuals as part of our 35th Anniversary Celebration. We want to hear from YOU! These honors are unique to this 35th Anniversary season, and we are excited to have you contribute. All nominations will be reviewed by a select committee and announced during the 2023 season.

Supportive Administrator/School Staff:

Is there a particularly helpful, supportive, and wonderful school administrator (Principal, Custodian, Athletic Director, Performing Arts Director, etc.) that has been integral in providing assistance to help your winter season be successful? Tell us all about them and what they have done to make your season great! 

Outstanding Booster:

We all love a supportive Mom/Dad/Parent or Guardian. Our productions wouldn't be as successful without our Prop Parents, or amazing Boosters making sure our teams have everything they need to be successful. Anyone stand out in your mind as exceptional? Someone who goes the extra mile? Share with us!

Exceptional Instructor:

Having an instructor who goes the extra mile to make you feel loved and protected goes a long way! They are sometimes like a bonus parent with all the hours you spend with them at rehearsal. They spend countless hours making sure your show is strong, and that YOU are even stronger. If your instructor is all that and more, tell us why!

Best Band Director:

The leader of us all, a trusted Band Director, is like a guiding light. They are always there to keep the band room open late for you, to make sure you are well taken care of, and to be your biggest cheerleader. Tell us why your Band Director is the best there is!

The last day to complete this form will be March 24, 2023. Nominations will be closed at that time.

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