Directed by the E-Committee, WGASC created a course that will walk Directors/Support Staff through important information and coming changes.  Prior to a units first check-in, unit representatives will need to complete the following Education Course:  WGASC DIRECTOR/STAFF TRAINING.  You can find the course here.

This course is designed to help the Instructor/Director navigate the WGASC website, explain music licensing requirements and introduce the new check-in/safety procedures for the upcoming 2020 season.  Any persons checking in a unit in will need to complete this course and be prepared to present the Certificate of Completion during check-in at all WGASC events. This includes staff members, parents and school administration/staff.  Students are not allowed to check-in Scholastic Units. The designated “check-in” person will also need to  present emergency cards for each team member/student of the unit being checked in.  These cards can be hard copy or digital file.  Independent Unit staff will need to present the Certificate of Completion and emergency cards for any members under the age of 18.

WGASC believes strongly in the safety of all its performing units. With that safely in mind, these new requirements were developed and are now being implemented. Please contact Rhonda with any questions you may have regarding the Education Course,  Check-In Requirements and Music Licensing. 

Thank you for being an amazing contribution to our wonderful activity! #WGASC2020

Director/Staff Training Course