2016 WGASC Premiere Show

The Winterguard Association of Southern California is proud to announce an all WGI World Championship judging panel for the Premiere Show on January 30 at Rancho Cucamonga High School.

This elite event is a great opportunity for Sch. AAA, Sch. AA, Sch. A, Ind. A, Open and World Guards to get an early season read from some of the country’s top adjudicators. Along with the elite 5 judge panel, Jack Pursifull (Spring High School WGI 2014 Scholastic Open Gold Medal, Black Crown WGI 2015 Independent Open 4th Place) will be providing feedback in an overview capacity.

All participating guards will have the opportunity to critique with the full panel following the contest. We hope you take advantage of this premiere event for fantastic early season feedback from judges on the forefront of the pageantry activity. Come kick off your 2016 competitive season with the WGASC!